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HostCMS Overview

Modern interface

The content management system has an easy-to-use desktop with quick access to modules. Responsive backend dashboard available on smartphones, tablets and PCs.

Content management system is so easy to use. Correction of the content of the site is performed using an intuitive interface.

Content management system HostCMS 6.5

Convenience of using

Unlike the majority of management systems is aimed to simplify day-to-day work with the site. We have used the whole our experience in the new version of HostCMS v. 6 system which is easy-to-use and quick!

Day-to-day work with the system does not require additional training of employees. Correction of news, press releases and the site content is performed using the intuitive interface.

Management from anywhere

Being on a business trip, travelling, at home or at rest having a laptop with an internet access you receive convenient access to content management system. Our motto is «Easy-to-use content management anywhere in the world».


  • SEO with HostCMS becomes simpler. You can specify meta tags for each page of your site: <title>, <description> и <keywords>.
  • The page addresses created by the system have real addresses (/about-company/ is used instead of index.php?page=about-company).
  • Breadcrumbs on each page allow performing internal relinking pages for increasing Page Rank.


Unlike competitors HostCMS gives the opportunity to create different sites controlled by one copy of the system. You can save considerable funds during development of multisiting for one customer, buying one license of HostCMS.

HostCMS should be installed in one directory on the server and work with the one database. All the domains supported by the CMS should refer to this directory (to be aliases). Backend is a common one for these sites.

Corporation, Business and Small Business editions are multi-sited ones.

High Traffic Solutions

Caching and data compression systems reduce server loading, page generation time and user traffic speeding up page-in.

The new system of mirroring of seldom-changed content to static html files allows serving thousands of queries per second.

While sites of competitors hardly manage the load your site operates quickly and without failing!

Update to the major edition

Any HostCMS version can be transferred to the major edition during technical support. Value of transfer is equal to the difference of values of editions.

Free Edition

HostCMS.Free allows using the system for low budget and non-commercial projects being more functional than junior commercial editions of competing products!


Content management system is designed for development of sites of different types – from small corporate sites to content projects and online shops. Presence of automatic prepress service makes HostCMS an ideal solution for news and thematic sites.

HostCMS safety

Several safety methods are used in the content management system:

  • the united authorization system;
  • HTTPS Access;
  • session timeout;
  • binding of the session to an IP-address and much more.

Easy way to get help

HostCMS has a built-in system of communication with the Support team. Answers are operatively sent to the e-mail of a site administrator.

Automatic system updates

System automatically checks for updates and applies any updates allowing upgrading with new modules and solutions. This means you will always be using the latest version of the system.


How many times users deleted wrong news or pages accidentally? Now this problem is solved with the help of a new trash module. Deleted objects are available for restoration or final deletion through the backend.

Open source and Modern technologies

HostCMS is delivered with an open source code and works with PHP 5.3.x — 5.6.x, 7.0.x — 7.2.x. We use new solutions such as ORM (ActiveRecord), QueryBuilder, MVC, and a flexible event system.

System requirements

The strong point of HostCMS is that the content management system does not require specialized hosting or dedicated servers. The system demonstrates excellent working results on shared hosting.

Separation of presentation and content

HostCMS is based on XML/XSLT technologies, also we support Smarty templates. Thanks to separation of structured data (XML) and their external presentation (XSL-templates) the system gives flexible opportunities of integration. The same data can be treated by different templates in different cases and have various external presentation.

Checking correctness of the entered data

The renewed system interface checks correctness of data during data entry and informs about the necessity to correct in case of an error and prohibits data insertion.


The new Edit-in-Place solution allows data editing right on the site without transfer to the backend.

A double click on the highlighted field in the backend switches on the editing mode.