Granted 139447 licences.

Multisite Management

HostCMS gives an opportunity to create different sites on various domains (including subdomains) controlled from a single point. It is convenient to operate all sites in the united backend. A Flexible Rights System allows providing various access rights to employees of departments or divisions to the modules of HostCMS for each site.

Each site has its own structure, design, templates and so on.

You can create as many sites as you want with unlimited domains for each site.


License gives you the right to install HostCMS, so the license is connected not with the site but with installation. The realization of using multisiting in HostCMS allows creating an unlimited number of sites. At that additional sites created using multisiting are free.

You can save considerable funds during development of multisiting for one customer, buying one license of HostCMS.

Can I build sites of a few customers having one license?

Placing sites of a few customers according one license is not allowed. In accordance with the license affiliation agreement the license shall be provided to a user (an individual or a legal entity) with the right to disseminate (reproduce) the software product. “Distribution of a Software Product” means provision of access to third persons to components of the Software Product reproduced in any form including network and other ways and by sale, hire, rent, and lending. The User shall have not the right to transfer rights to third persons, provide sublicenses or other rights to third persons.

Technical specifications of using multisiting

HostCMS should be installed in one directory on the server and use one database. All domains supported by the CMS should refer to this directory (to be aliases). Backend is a common one for these sites.

Using multisiting is supported in Small Business, Business, Corporation editions. Two sites are supported in the HostCMS.Free.

Multisiting is absent in the HostCMS.My Site.