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HostCMS Security

Safety Features

The management system uses expanded methods of safety:

Backend Users Rights

In management system a mandatory safety policy is applied, in which access rights to system sections are granted to user groups.

The user group has two levels of rights:

  1. access rights to modules;
  2. access rights to actions of the forms (for example, action "Delete" the form "Information Systems") containing in modules.

Superusers (users with a flag "Privileged") have the maximum rights and access to all actions of all sites supported by the copy of the management system.

The user with the attribute "Access only to items created by user" has the right of actions only over those elements which he created himself or over the elements which don't have an owner. The "Access only to items created by user" attribute doesn't affect privileged users.

Access rights to modules allow to differentiate control of modules of each site. For example, site editors don't have to have access to the section "Sample Dynamic Pages" or "SQL queries".

Access rights to actions allow to carry out fine setup of rights for execution of actions of forms. The administrator has an opportunity to provide users access to all actions of the form both by means of the group operations "Allow All Actions" and "Forbid All Actions", and by means of detailed setup of rights.

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